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My Summary of this Brain Picking:

Romance is something to ponder on I swear and it's something that is never thought about enough nowadays..

I've seen people I'm fans of and friends have their own relationships come to a sad end.

There are people that only get married for the positions, fame, glory or love of financial transactions.

There are married people that fall out because of bad things happening and their kids not having much to do with whoever guilty parent is.

Media in general is SO full of S*** about romance from I've LITERALY seen and how many times Comedians rant about it as material for their jokes.

Now to tell you a little story about myself and use this as way of teaching those who want to learn and want to take advice that was given to me by people who have lived for a long time.

Now t tell you a Story about the quote-on-quote "Romance Aspect of My Life":

I fell for a girl and I never got to tell her how I felt, and she died in a car crash back in July 2007 before I turned 15.

When she died, my relatives that she was friends with since infancy told me that when she died.. her last words were that she loved me.

I hurt for a LONG TIME, but as I moved on, I got to know more ladies as time went by, of course all of them turned me down.

I eventually met 3 girls online, the first one to date me dumped me the same day I found out my mother had contracted breast cancer, the second one I cought being an "online hooking girl of the night", the third one was the same way except she also liked hitting on young teenagers and kids behind the backs of those she claimed to date(that third one hurt the most because of ho she was a creeper)... SO.. I eventually just taken a break on looking for a lover and companion.

BUT I’ve never given up hope that maybe some lady will come across me and she could come to understand me, love me and maybe even spend the rest of her life with me if she were willing.

Now those "Words of Wisdom" for everyone..:

My mother told me to find the one with the best chemistry, my dad said to look out for the easy or manupilative ones as well as use my own charms and be myself.

My cousins and late father(may he RIP) told me to keep PLENTY of confidence, treat them right and be honest with them.

ALSO.. my own lessons I learned from Experience:

Even though you’ve been through hell when it comes to love, never give up because there is the possibility that somebody out there that is perfect for you!

Be yourself, don't listen to the media at large, keep a little chivalry bewteen one another when you find them, respect them, love them for who they are as you would love them, be the best you can be, you're unique in your own ways and you're special because of that.


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Count Wes Savage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a Southern Man who is derpy as Hell, but can be a sophisticated Gentleman whenever needed or when I fee like.

I'm MAINLY a singer, but I've drawn here and there and I still do.

If you want to know how many people I can cover, please let me know.

I've been trying to write some material and so far I've rewritten a couple of songs as covers.

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